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Looking for creative work space but long-term studio rental isn't for you? That's ok! We will be launching a membership program with integrated gallery rental, class and workshop discounts and tons of time in our air-conditioned studio lounge while enjoying the perks of WPA2 secured wi-fi, encouraged kitchen access and a guaranteed open bar of inspiration. Space will be limited, so don't hesitate to apply!

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Renting a studio in our building means becoming a part of our family, having a stake in our mission and us having a stake in yours. We have nine spaces allowing us to work with each of our tenants to plan shows, workshops and more to best position you for creative success. For more info on our resident artists click here.

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We love creating here and hosting events and gallery shows of our own, our doors are open for you to do the same. No idea is too big, or too small. If you're not sure, ask us – we'll probably say yes.

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Our creative space has lots of natural light and interesting, white angles and we'd love to see what you'll do with them. Since this studio  used to be a tile store we have two fake fireplaces, faux doric columns and a floor covered in swatches of various tile. With plenty to play with we invite you use your imagination!

Hair? Yep, you can get that done here too →

JoeDoesHair is the manifestation of Joe Espinoza, a local LA hair artist that has worked in the county for over 10 years. He runs his hair studio out of All(most), collaborating with our in-house artists and events, and he would love to work with you too! Whether you want to create a new look or maintain what works for you, JoeDoesHair will leave you feeling confident and empowered.


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