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Freelance / Finance: Sh*t You Should Know

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As creative freelancers, we live differently. We earn differently. We spend differently. We dream differently.

Because of these differences, we have been left in the dust as a generation of artists and entrepreneurs who have had to pave our own way, looking far and wide for resources to help us understand how to make our money work FOR us. We deserve access to the answers we seek, which are often held by the gatekeepers and seem so out of reach. We claim our right to a healthy relationship to our money. 

This workshop is free, we want you to get your money right :)



Join us for teatime & a dialogue concerning all things money: how to make the most of the freelance lifestyle when it comes to debt, saving, investing & living.


This workshop will provide a space welcoming all artists, actors, models, and other entrepreneurs who have questions that need answers. This workshop is for YOU if you have ever asked:

  • How should I save for retirement if I don’t have a 401k?
  • How do I pay off my student loans/credit cards/etc when I don’t know when my next check will arrive?
  • How can I invest my money and when do I know it’s the “right time” to do so?
  • Budgeting sucks. How can I manage my money without penny pinching?
  • My family’s history with their money traumatized me, how can I reject and create a healthy relationship with mine? 

Hosted by Jourdan Jerome aka @jourdelicious:

"As someone who has freelanced for the majority of my life, I have always been in search of ways to make my money work FOR me. I was taught budgeting, excel spreadsheets, and penny pinching as ways to manage my money. I realized very quickly that not only do these methods not work for me, they really don't mesh with my lifestyle....I finally realized that the mentality of money I was raised with simply did not serve me anymore.

When I started modeling, for the first time ever, I became super fulfilled and started to develop a loving relationship with $ instead of fear, but I also quickly realized I needed help in figuring out how to create a lasting financial structure for myself. I began searching for financial advisors and kept getting turned down or turned off by stereotypical finance types who weren't interested when they found out I didn't have a trust fund in hand. Admittedly, I was a little discouraged..and suddenly the heavens opened and...enter: Katrina. 

I found Katrina through the IWLA facebook page and after our first meeting I basically fell in love. I was so relieved to know that someone had answers to all my questions and understood that I didn't want to be stuffed into a cookie cutter budgeting or investing system that didn't really fit with my income structure. As I began to work more with Katrina, I saw  an immediate remedy with certain areas of my finances and most importantly, how I felt about them. I began mentioning this work in passing, on set, with friends and colleagues...and 100% of the response was "omg I need a Katrina!" I realized that I wasn't alone in my curiosities of how to be financially well as an entrepreneur. I realized that most of my girlfriends, coworkers and acquaintances have been experiencing a similar state of wonder, but not having a space or an outlet to figure it out."

With special guest and financial expert Katrina Strelow Soelter: 

Katrina is a Financial Advisor with the Zeutzius, Hutchinson, Sosa Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors. She received her undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley in Philosophy and German. After graduation, she taught elementary school in the Bay Area, during which time she received her MA from Loyola Marymount University. Motivated by her interest in personal finance and her passion for helping individuals define and achieve the life they want, she changed careers and began working with The Zeutzius, Hutchinson, Sosa Wealth Management Group at Wells Fargo Advisors in 2013. She attended UCLA extension for her CFP® coursework and is a proud CFP® practitioner.


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