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Grid on Lock: Finessing Your Socials

Learn how to create content that actually WORKS for you - from planning your feed, structuring scheduling and content, partnering with other brands and businesses, to composition and taking great pictures with tools you already have! You will walk away from this session feeling energized, organized and prepared to slay your socials!

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At the start of the course, you'll receive a customized workbook with a warm-up directive to bang out over coffee. The incredibly insightful and knowledgeable Angie Hilem of Heighten Social will give a presentation jam-packed with tips and tricks. Her customized social strategy training will cover the basics of digital marketing, you’ll learn best practices and actionable steps to take to improve your social presence and attract your ideal client. (An hour long one-on-one with Angie usually costs more than the whole cost of this workshop, you're getting a crazy deal!)

Next Vico Velez, professional beauty, editorial and product photographer, will direct us to our "content creation stations", and explain the directives for each one. Under her supervision, you'll practice lighting, staging and composing beautiful and effective flat lays, portraits, products and more using what you already have.

Snacks and coffee will be provided.


  • A customized Instagram Strategy for planning your grid

  • Tools to test hashtag efficacy, plan and schedule your grid and analyze post performance

  • Tips and tricks for using what you have to create professional content on the fly

  • A shopping list for affordable "photo hack" equipment

  • Valuable peer reviews

  • A full belly


Angie Hilem of Heighten Social

Vico Velez of Vico Velez Photography

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This all takes place in our beautiful, 7,000 SF arts building in MidTown, Los Angeles. 

See you there!

Later Event: November 22
It's been a long year.