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Intention Setting: Sh*t You Should Know

Our intentions create our reality.

Call in the new year with manifestations and magick! In this workshop we will be creating ritual, making potions, and setting intentions with a new year ceremony.

We join each other in sacred circle, in community, as we let go of the past and celebrate the new year ahead. We come together to hold space for each other. We come together to support, to share, to make magick. The future is expansive, a vast realm of possibility. While the stars hold fate, our intentions prompt our actions. We honor our dreams and aspirations by breathing life into them. Join us as we set intentions and manifest a beautiful new year!

Join us for a Magick lesson in intention setting, all materials included.

The Lesson Plan:

I. Circle Casting: We will learn how to create a sacred space for magic, discuss ritual ideas to carry into the new year.

II. Plant Magick Meditation (3 herbs): We will drink three herbal infusions during a guided meditation. Each plant will serve a purpose in intention setting - release, relaxation, and manifestation.

III. Intention Potion Making: Everyone will craft a potion to carry with them into the new year. Each guest will be able to customize their potion. We will learn how to make these potions at home and how to incorporate them into a magick practice.

IV. Ritual: We will be performing an intention setting ritual, using seeds. Each guest will take home a pot with their intention seed ready to grow into the new year.

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