Rent with us

Our tenants are some of the most talented makers and schemers we know; a driven group of creative professionals whose success we believe in and strive for above all else. As a tenant at All(most), you will have opportunities to plan shows, shoots, workshops and more in our gallery and other shared spaces. We have nine spaces in our building – ensuring that we have plenty of time and space to work together to help you meet your creative goals; we will work with you to leverage your talents and unique capabilities for exposure to our communities and beyond.

Your success is important to us.

We only have nine spaces in our building – ensuring that we have plenty of time and space to work together to meet your creative goals. 


Percs & Amenities

Shared Spaces Our entire warehouse upstairs is available for tenant use; including our kitchenette, work shop, lounge and the the alley. There are plenty of cute nooks for anything from friend hangs to business meetings.

Air Conditioning You read that right! Our studio block is now air conditioned - cool warehouse vibe with actual cool air. Yo.

Wifi We have a separate wifi connection for the ground floor so you never have to cross signals.

Kitchenette You will have full access to our kitchenette, including fridge use, cook top, microwave, a Keurig that usually has pods, purified water, and we sometimes even have snacks!

Work Shop With the proper certification our wood shop and screen printing machine are available for your use. Our shop is equipped with a roll-up door and partitioned off from the studios. Perfect for spray painting, staining etc.

Exhibition Opportunities We curate shows at least three times a year and our tenants are our main source of inspiration. You can expect open studios to be regularly included in our shows, as well as submission opportunities and the chance to work closely with our staff to plan your own solo shows when you're ready.

Discounts Our tenants enjoy steep discounts on gallery space rental; affording you the luxury of organizing photoshoots, workshops, events etc. at an unbeatable rate.

Easy Loading No need to climb stairs as our front doors open up at ground level. We also have a full height loading door for carrying in large-scale work, furniture and equipment.

24 Hour Access Inspiration strikes at 2am on a Tuesday? Cool! 

Secure Building Our studio block is only accessible via coded numerical locks. Your studio also has it's own lock!

Studio 201
235 sf → Occupied


Studio 205
320 sf → Occupied

Studio 202
180 sf → Available


Studio 206
200 sf → Occupied

Studio 203
180 sf → Occupied


Studio 207
320 sf → Occupied

Studio 204
180 sf → Occupied


Available while supplies last!

We love giving tours and meeting artists in and outside of our community. We would be more than happy to meet with you and show you our facilities, wether we have availability or not.